Rigaku e-learning Terms of Use

 The customer (“Customer”) and Rigaku Corporation (“Rigaku”) hereby agree to the Terms of Use described below (“Terms”) with respect to the course(s) via Rigaku E-learning System (“System”) selected by the Customer (“Course”).

Article1 (Learning Period):
 Subject to the Customer’s fee payment and Rigaku’s issuance of ID and Password, the Customer may take the Course for unlimited time for a period of 180 days beginning on the receipt date of the ID and Password (“Learning Period”).

Article2 (Modification):
 The Terms herein may be modified by a prior notice on Rigaku’s website.

Article3 (Copyright):
 The Customer agrees that Rigaku reserves all rights of the Course, and the Customer shall not make any duplicates, reprints etc. thereof, without prior approval by Rigaku.

Article4 (No Refund):
 Rigaku does not refund any fee paid for the Course regardless of reasons.

Article5 (Suspension of the Distribution):
 Rigaku may suspend the distribution of the Course for the periodic maintenance of the System by a prior notice on Rigaku’s website, and for the emergency maintenance of the System without any notice. If such suspension caused by such reason continues for more than fifteen (15) days, the Learning Period shall be extended for additional thirty (30) days from the expiration date of the original Learning Period.

Article6 (Force Majeure):
 Rigaku shall not be responsible if it cannot distribute the Course due to an event not attributable to Rigaku such as an earthquake, a fire or a blackout.

Article7 (Early Termination):
In the event that Rigaku determines that the Customer is in material breach of the Terms herein, Rigaku may terminate the Term. In addition, Rigaku may also terminate the Terms if Rigaku has terminated any other contract due to any breach by the Customer.

Article8 (Governing Law):
 The Terms herein shall be construed and governed by and under the laws of Japan.

Article9 (Jurisdiction):
 Any dispute arising from or in connection with the Terms herein between the Customer and Rigaku shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court of Japan in the first instance.